I'm pleased to offer the following services....
General home inspection. Buyer home inspection.

General Home Inspection


If you are buying a home, let me inspect it, explain my findings to you, and deliver a comprehensive home inspection report. You can’t afford not to! A professional home inspection gives you the negotiating leverage you need to get the best price on your home purchase. My inspection covers every visible and accessible aspect of a home. You can expect my home inspection report to meet or exceed state and InterNACHI Standards of Practice. 

Pre-Listing Inspection


If you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection to prevent problems from arising after a prospective buyer has taken interest in your property. When I perform a Pre-Listing Inspection, I will assess the home for deficiencies and deliver a comprehensive report so that you’re able to address the findings at your discretion before you list the home.  I also offer a walk through pre listing inspection with only a verbal report for a reduced fee.

Pre listing home inspection. Sellers home inspection.
New construction phase inspection.

Pre-12 Month Warranty Inspection


Every new constructed home in Wisconsin includes a one year builder’s warranty to cover mistakes that the contractor made as well as defects in building materials.  Make sure that you are catching anything that may be covered by the warranty before the 12 month period runs out by bringing in RightWay Home Inspection.  I will inspect your new home for any building defects so you can have them corrected by your builder under warranty and save yourself money and stress for years to come.

11 month builders warranty inspection.

New Construction Phase Inspection


A professional property inspector’s trained eye can be of tremendous benefit during the construction of a new home. In a Phase Inspection, I will come on-site at several different phases of the building process to evaluate the soundness and safety of the structure and materials used. I will also check for code violations to make sure that construction doesn’t stall from having to backtrack to correct any issues. My inspection will take place prior to the concrete pour, drywall installation, and again before the final walkthrough so defects don't get hidden and become an issue for you in the future.

Radon Testing


Radon is a known carcinogen that forms from the decomposition of certain types of rock and soil deep underground. Once formed, radon is released as a gas that can sometimes escape into your home posing a threat to you and your family. Radon is odorless and invisible, making it extremely difficult to detect. At RightWay Home Inspection, I have the training and state of the art instruments necessary to test your home for the presence of radon, ensuring that you and your family are safe from this naturally-occurring hazard. Just let me know if you desire this additional test.

How radon enters your home diagram.

After I complete your home inspection I will begin working on a comprehensive report of my findings that will be available within 24 hours via email.  My reports are easy to read and highly detailed, including helpful photographs and sometimes even video to show you my findings.